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Fundraising Tips


How your fundraising efforts will assist Help Kids Like Nick (HKLN)

Help Kids Like Nick was established May 2012 and the Yuleba Fun Run is our first major fundraising event.  By raising money for HKLN, you’re allowing us to open our first funding round to families around Australia who are affected by Wolf Hirshhorn Syndrome (WHS).  We are hoping to help families by providing funding for household assistance to ease the burden of care.

Plan your fundraising

To make your fundraising easier and an enjoyable experience for you, it is a great idea to plan your fundraising.  Setting a goal or target for what amount of money you are aiming to raise for HKLN is a great start!  It also shows potential sponsors that you are serious and committed to raising money for HKLN.  If you start your fundraising early, as the weeks go by, you can concentrate on your training closer to the race day.  So set a target & start fundraising!  Remember that the top fundraiser will win a fantastic prize!

Who to ask?

Friends, family and colleagues are a great place to start on your fundraising journey for HKLN – after all they are your biggest fans and would love to see your success! It is proven that people are always willing to support their family and friends.  We will also set up a donation page on our website for you to make it easy for your sponsors to donate.

Ask your employer or corporate sponsors.  Remember to remind them all donations are tax deductible.

 Don’t forget to thank your sponsors along the way and after the event.  Let them all know your total fundraising total.

Share your goals and dreams

Inspire those around you with what you are aiming to achieve.  It may be that it’s your first full marathon or you would like to win the prize for the top fundraiser!  What you are doing is inspiring and inspirational people are well supported.  If you can, try to keep your contacts and sponsors up to date with your training as well as your fundraising efforts.  They will love to be on the journey with you and you will continue to inspire those people around you.

Spread the word and remember…..

Once you have reached your fundraising target, keep going!