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2015 Fun Run

Our winners from 2015!




1st Place:  Andrew Cochrane 3.11.05

2nd Place:  Brad Jewell 3.23.31

3rd Place:  Alan Peacock 3.24.30


Half Marathon

1st Place: Peter Hallahan 1.32.15

2nd Place:  Robert Ormsby 1.34.59

3rd Place: Lachlan Hanly 1.41.55


10km Event

1st Place: Matthew Langmack 00.40.15

2nd Place: Charles Sprott  00.42.49

3rd Place:  Jonathan Rothwell 00.44.04


5km Event

1st Place:  Stefan Dooney 00.20.02

2nd Place: Sophie Follett 00.21.00

3rd Place:  Fergal McManus 00.21.07


For all results and times please click on the following link:

Yuleba Run Run 2015 Results