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What conditions to expect

Weather in the Maranoa at this time of year is usually very pleasant with mean daily temperatures ranging from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.

 However, participants should be prepared for extremes. Whilst unusual, night-time temperatures can fall below zero on occasion and day time temperatures have reached around 35% Celsius.


Sunrise will be at 6.27am and this is usually the coldest time of the day. The first runners will set off 6.30am, with temperatures ranging around 10 degrees. As the sun rises, temperatures should also rise quickly to reach 15 – 20 degrees by 9.00am. 

Chances of rain are reasonably low with average monthly rainfall of around 40mm (2 inches in the old language). Average humidity is expected to be approximately 40% this time of the year.

Wind is rarely a problem. Runners should expect a light wind of 12 – 14 km/hr blowing consistently through the day. Morning wind directions tend to be predominantly North / North Easterly, so should provide a small tail wind for most of the run.